The SCTF of ANZ provides a variety of programs. Our program cycle can extend over several years ie we re-run programs but not every year. The program that is central to our course structure is the Fundamentals program. This is a multi-day program designed to present the key theory developed by Dr Sutherland, the key techniques as well as discussion of research, practice strategies, questions and answers. The 1:4 tutor to student ratio allows the Fundamentals program to set the level at the student. Thus the Fundamentals caters for those who are new through to those who are doing their second, third or further refresher.

The other central program is the BLT: Balanced Ligamentous Technique. Dr Sutherland was keen to express that his concepts were not limited to the head. Hence the title you may see as Osteopathy in the Cranial Field (OCF) expressing this idea that his concepts were relevant to the whole body, which is consistent with osteopathic principles. The two-day BLT programs focus on techniques to the extremities and spine. There are two BLT programs currently with each having a different focus to ensure coverage of the whole body.

As well as the above, the SCTF of ANZ runs programs in the paediatric and children area, gait, trauma, the face and specific topic areas such as embryology and anatomy. Please note that SCTF of ANZ practical courses have limited numbers to maintain the Faculty-Student ratio. We advise that registrants book early to avoid disappointment.


The SCTF of ANZ runs a training program for all faculty. The initial faculty who set up the SCTF of ANZ travelled to the USA and UK to study with osteopaths to skill up for teaching Dr Sutherland’s work. Dr Anne Wales ran study groups in the USA that foundation faculty members studied with. Following on from this process the SCTF of ANZ maintains an Assistant Tutor (AT) program for those who wish to become tutors and further their knowledge in this area. This means that all SCTF of ANZ faculty have undergone extensive training and review to ensure that their skills and knowledge are current and appropriate for the courses they are teaching.

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Online resources

The SCTF of ANZ maintains on online learning portal – The Portal. This contains resources to support our face-to-face programs, a discussion area to support discussion around research and relevant learning for practice. There are also self-study programs to support anatomy and clinical practice. The Portal is available with a membership click here to see the front page.

If you would like to know more about our courses we recommend reviewing the relevant courses page for a description and you can express your interest via email to and we will send you further information as it becomes available.