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Upcoming courses

Balanced Ligamentous Technique (2) BLT

Dr Sutherland developed techniques for the whole body. There are two 2-day SCTANZ programs that explore Dr Sutherland’s methods for engaging the innate self-corrective forces for the arthrodial joints and functional fascial planes of the body using the principles of balanced ligamentous and membranous tension.

BLT 2 will focus on the non-arthrodial 'joints' with a lecture on fascia and techniques for the anterior fascias for the neck and thorax, the lymphatic system, liver, and abdomino-pelvic structures including the pelvic floor.

Directors: Amanda Heyes, Tink Gee & Brooke Franklin

WHERE: March 9th & 10th 2024

WHEN:  Macedonian Community of WA (Inc) Centre
51 Albert St
North Perth (corner Macedonia Place)


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Dr Brian Freeman

coming to the Twin Towns Conference Centre on The Gold Coast

14th July 2023

Dr Brian Freeman is an anatomist and leading embryologist having spent his career studying the ontogenetic basis of human anatomy. Dr Freeman will present 4 lectures across the day with time for your questions. Morning, afternoon tea and lunch will be provided with the program.

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The Fundamentals


 20th - 22nd July (inclusive) 2024

This three-day program introduces the fundamental concepts for osteopathy in the cranial field (OCF). It is designed to translate these concepts to your practice with the course designed to maximize hands-on-practice. Course director is Dr Brooke Franklin. Tutor to student  ratio is 1:4. The program is supported with a 16 hour on-line component with some elements to complete prior to the commencement of the program.

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Programs in planning...

Introduction to OCF

for enrolled students and 1st year outs. Heard the controversy and want to hear what OCF is about? Want some hands on skill development? Want high ratio of practitioner to student? Want to hear from experienced practitioners? This is for you

Directors Prue Eddie & Chris Macfarlane

WHERE Melbourne venue TBA

WHEN December 2023

Building on the Fundamentals

Where Melbourne venue TBA

When later 2023 TBA

The Fundamentals

Where Melbourne venue TBA

When Mid 2024

Director: Brooke Franklin.

The Face

Where Melbourne venue TBA

When 2025

Director: Cate Macdonald.

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The Face

Kawai Purapura Retreat, Albany, Auckland, New Zealand

6-7 May 2023

The Face program is to be held in held in New Zealand in 2023. This two-day program is directed by Dr Jill Hedifen (osteopath) who has extensive experience as a practitioner, teaching with SCTFANZ and working with the primary respiratory mechanism. This program will help you to develop the confidence to treat the face with the techniques passed on hand-to-hand by Dr William Sutherland.

Our approach to learning

Our courses are designed from start to finish with the goal of maximising your learning outcomes and encouraging self-reflective practice. We are passionate about progressing the palpation of every person who attends our courses. We do this by engaging tutors who have completed our tailored Assistant Tutor Program, and ensuring the ratio of the tutor to the practitioner remains very high, in almost all cases it is 1:4 or 1:6 ratio (meaning one practitioner is monitoring only 2 or 3 students at a time during practical sessions which allows very personal feedback) 

This approach is evident in our high tutor to student ratios, enabling us to tailor the learning journey to your capabilities and strengths. Many of our in-person courses include times where you experience the treatment and times where you give the treatment.

From checklists and templates you can use in your practice, to detailed lecture notes - you'll come away with all the tools you need to put your learning in action.

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