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Upcoming courses

The Fundamentals

Next Course Date:

8-10 July 2022

Our most popular course. This comprehensive course teaches the theory and hand-to-hand techniques as taught by Dr Sutherland and our associated colleagues in the US and UK.

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Infant Feeding Course

Hamilton, NZ

27 Mar 2021

This program will have an online theory component (which must be completed before the practical component).  Osteopaths must be registered with AHPRA or with the relevant body in their jurisdiction. Jill Headifen is academic director supported by a capable and skilled group of tutors. For further details click the link above.

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Our approach to learning

Our courses are designed from start to finish with the goal of maximising your learning outcomes and encouraging self-reflective practice. We are passionate about progressing the palpation of every person who attends our courses. We do this by engaging tutors who have completed our tailored Assistant Tutor Program, and ensuring the ratio of the tutor to the practitioner remains very high, in almost all cases it is 1:4 or 1:6 ratio (meaning one practitioner is monitoring only 2 or 3 students at a time during practical sessions which allows very personal feedback) 

This approach is evident in our high tutor to student ratios, enabling us to tailor the learning journey to your capabilities and strengths. Many of our in-person courses include times where you experience the treatment and times where you give the treatment.

From checklists and templates you can use in your practice, to detailed lecture notes - you'll come away with all the tools you need to put your learning in action.

Our courses and programs

We offer a variety of programs and courses. Our program cycle can extend over several years, with courses re-run but not every year. The program that is central to our course structure is The Fundamentals program. This is a multi-day program designed to present the key theory developed by Dr Sutherland, the key techniques as well as discussion of research, practice strategies, questions and answers. The 1:4 tutor to student ratio allows the Fundamentals program to set the level at the student. Thus the Fundamentals caters for those who are new through to those who are doing their second, third or further refresher.

The other central programs are the BLT: Balanced Ligamentous Technique Part 1 & 2. Dr Sutherland was keen to express that his concepts were not limited to the head. Hence the title you may see as Osteopathy in the Cranial Field (OCF) expressing this idea that his concepts were relevant to the whole body, which is consistent with osteopathic principles. The two-day BLT programs focus on techniques to the extremities and spine. There are two BLT programs currently with each having a different focus to ensure coverage of the whole body including some lymphatic techniques.

We run a series of paediatric programs, as well as trauma, the face and specific topic areas such as embryology and anatomy.

Please note that our practical courses have limited numbers to maintain the faculty to student ratio. We recommend booking early to avoid disappointment.

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