Student courses

Prerequisite: osteopathy student enrolled in Australia. First year postgraduate AHPRA registered osteopaths may also apply

The SCTF ANZ is a not-for-profit osteopathic teaching group dedicated to promoting osteopathy and the work of Dr William Garner Sutherland. We recognise the knowledge and skills built by our forebears and the importance of passing this on person-to-person and hand-to-hand. The SCTF ANZ offers two programs for osteopathic students which are designed to enhance students’ knowledge, palpation, and treatment techniques.

1. Introduction to osteopathy in the cranial field (OCF) – Monday March 23rd 2020, Melbourne – postponed due to COVID-19.

2. Palpation of the body – an introduction to balanced ligamentous tension (BLT) – Monday 16th November 2020, Melbourne BOOK NOW – Please note this course may be rescheduled due to COVID-19.

The two programs are stand-alone. They are designed to complement each other and

  • support the implementation of skills directly into the clinical practice.
  • provide the opportunity to meet experienced practitioners from the profession.
  • support an introduction to the post-graduate SCTFANZ programs.

Both programs feature

  • small tutorial groups of one tutor to six students (3 pairs) to support for skill development and building palpation confidence.
  • theory and related research for each topic.
  • time for discussion, questions and practical skill building.

Introduction to OCF

This one day student course is designed specifically to provide an introduction to Dr W G Sutherland’s principles of osteopathy in the cranial field (OCF). This course focuses on techniques of the cranium and spine. It provides the opportunity for development of palpatory skills.

Course date: Monday March 23rd 2020, Melbourne. Postponed due to COVID-19.

Palpation of the Body – an introduction to BLT

Dr Sutherland’s approach to treatment was a whole body approach. With this in mind, the ‘Palpation of the Body’ one day course is designed specifically to introduce techniques related to the treatment of the extremities. It will also enhance palpation skills.

Course date: Monday 16th November 2020, Melbourne BOOK NOW – please note this course may be postponed due to COVID-19.