Sporty growing teenagers

The Sporty Growing Teen

As a commitment to the Paediatric cohort of osteopathic patients, the SCTF of ANZ are passionate about supporting the growth of children, from birth right through to adulthood and later years. Given that this is a time in physiological maturity that has many changes occurring, there is a need for the Osteopath to be able to identify common conditions and manage them appropriately. Some conditions need further referral and, in most cases, may be managed well within the osteopathic scope if the professional is equipped to know how.

Do you treat sporty teenagers???

Do you want to feel more confident to treat sporty teenagers with confidence that you covered enough at university to be ready to assess, treat and manage whoever walks in your door? Have you been keen to brush up on some of the common considerations of this age group and some techniques you may not yet have in your toolbox? If so, this is the course for you!

Join us for this two-day, face to face course (plus some online additional lectures and material accessed through our online learning portal).

This course will include treatment techniques and management of some of the very common conditions and injuries we see within the growing sporty teenage cohort such as Severs Disease, Osgood Schlatter’s, as well as other considerations such as treatment during recovery of stress fractures and ligament tears or hypermobile teens. We will discuss the rapidly growing incidence of ACL ruptures in this population and what may be done to help prevent it so you can educate your patients. The course will also include discussion and management of concussion and return to sport and school guidelines.

This is a brand-new course developed by the SCTF of ANZ and is part of a series of teenage courses to add to our Paediatric courses. We are excited to offer this new course and aim to educate and upskill the profession in the treatment of this commonly presenting age group.

About the Course Director
Tink works in Hobart and has been passionate about treating the paediatric population ever since graduating 15years ago. She has felt the need for a series of courses specific to teenagers would be so valuable for many Osteopaths and can’t wait to share how much she enjoys the management of sporty teens. She is a mother to a few growing sporty teens herself and is keen to see Osteopaths feel confident to treat this very responsive age group.

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