Feedback on Courses

From time to time we receive compliments about our courses or insights that we want to share. Here are some of the latest:

The Fundamentals

“The fundamentals course completely changed my perspective as to what osteopathy is capable of. I was hugely inspired by the content and the practical components. The teachers were so patient and supportive. I couldn’t recommend it more highly.”


“The BLT course was simply wonderful. It was filled with excellent tutors who I felt like I got a lot of contact time with and a lot of support from. I had big palpatory experiences where I could really feel the tissues change and the impact that the single technique had on the body. I learnt skills and techniques that I started using straight after the course. I couldn’t fault the course, I gained so much from it.” 

Student course – Palpation of the body

“I loved this course, which opened my mind to new concepts and techniques, complementing what I had learnt at Uni. The teachers were incredibly knowledgeable, and the one-on-one help I received during this course was invaluable in developing my palpation skills as a student. The techniques covered were practical and I was able to integrate them into my practice straight away.”

Paul Standley Lecture Series

  • “I really enjoyed Paul Standley’s visit. Wow someone to share knowledge on research and manual therapy. 12 published research papers! He has provided proof of concept at a cellular level! I look forward to working with him again in the future.”
  • “Paul Standley was an engaging and interesting speaker. By far my biggest take home was that there is some proof that can be applied to the effects of manual techniques at a cellular level. This is extremely important for osteopathy and something that I can use to support my practice – I can use it when explaining techniques with patients. I was also reassured that there is someone of this calibre, who is not an osteopath, on our side. Osteopathy has been lucky with a history of scientist of the likes of Irvin Korr and others who have supported osteopathy. Paul Standley is our modern day Korr. Osteopathy needs allies like this and we should support him by reading his work and engaging with him.”   
  • “Paul Standley brought a wave of inspiration and held a torch for excellent professional conduct and innovation that the SCTF ANZ should hold as a benchmark for us to work toward. There is potential for substantial positive flow-on effects but only if we make the most of it.” 
  • “A huge congratulations to the SCTF of ANZ for having the foresight and courage to bring Paul to Australia & New Zealand.  How fortunate we were to benefit here in WA.”
  • “I loved Paul Standley; he was a great presenter and a really nice guy.
  • “I attended Paul’s presentation at the Faculty Development Day. It was a game changer, challenging us to prepare our courses professionally, be transparent in all our dealings and strive to achieve world-standard training and learning as befits our charter.”
  • “I found Paul Standley’s lecture to be very informative and interesting. Paul was an engaging speaker who presented his ideas clearly. I appreciated Paul’s efforts to try to unearth some physiological basis for what osteopaths apply in a clinical setting.” 
  •  “The most enjoyable and stimulating CPD event I’ve been to in a very long time – Highly relevant scientific material pitched at a perfect level by a skilled and passionate academic.”
  • “I found the lecture series to be fascinating – mentally stimulating with an excellent delivery from a knowledgeable, informed and totally respectful academic. Great example of a high quality CPD event!”