Infant feeding course

Pre-requisites: none

Course dates: February 22 & 23 2020

Course summary:

Infant feeding issues are a clinical presentation for many osteopaths.

SCTFANZ recognises this and has developed a 2-day program of theory and practice to help clinicians develop their practice in this clinically relevant area.

Day 1 will consider the relevant literature, osteopathic considerations and the anatomy of the child and mother. Dr Denise Cornall will be overseeing the program utilising her knowledge of the infant mother dyad developed in her PhD. Dr Jo Strybosch osteopath and lactation consultant will discuss the relevance of tongue tie. Dr Brian Freeman will be presenting the embryology and anatomy. This day of lectures is open to any interested health practitioners.

Day 2 will utilise osteopaths and lactation consultants: Dr Emily Jones will present useful exercises for mother and baby in combination with other practical techniques in a maximum ratio of 1 tutor to 6 practitioners (1:6).

Ticketing options

Osteopaths and other related professions are invited to attend Day 1 – either both the AM & PM lectures, or the Brian Freeman lecture. The two-day program is open to registered osteopaths which is the day one of lectures ad the practical component on Sunday (day 2).