Balanced Ligamentous Tension

Dr Sutherland’s approach to treatment of the whole body using Balanced Ligamentous Tension (BLT)

Pre-requisites: None

Course dates: BLT 1 – 25-26 July 2020 Robina, QLD – postponed due to COVID-19.

Course Summary

The Balanced Ligamentous Tension (BLT) comprises two stand alone, 2-day programs: BLT Part One and BLT Part Two. These complimentary courses are open to all osteopaths. Participants will gain valuable knowledge and skills to enhance their practice:

  • Understanding the principles of balanced physiological motion (BLT/BMT, balanced fascial tension)
  • Enhancing knowledge of functional anatomy
  • Improving/refining palpation skills
  • Learning and practising new treatment approaches and techniques

BLT Part 1

BLT Part 1 will discuss and explore Dr Sutherland’s approach diagnosis and treatment of articular joints in relation to a whole body approach.

Participants will build on valuable knowledge and skills to enhance clinical practice:

  • Exploring the principles of BLT & Balanced Membranous Tension (BMT)
  • Improving & refining palpation skills to deepen the efficacy of treatment
  • Enhancing knowledge of functional anatomy, assisting respiration, lymphatic drainage and the body’s immune response.
  • Learning & rehearsing different treatment approaches & techniques

The course is very practical and you will learn many techniques to utilise on your patients. Over the two day course you will work on the limbs and the spine. This course is helpful if you are wanting to begin incorporating some indirect techniques into your current treatment style.

No previous experience in working with the Primary Respiratory Mechanism is required for participation in this course.

There will be a tutor to student ratio of 1:6 in all practical sessions, this means one tutor looking after 3 pairs.