The Fundamentals MELBOU - 3 day course

40 Hour Program Including Bonus Online Learning Material

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Saturday 16, Sunday 17 & Monday 18 June 2018



Queen Victoria Women's Centre, 210 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne 


The Fundamentals - Auckland- 3 Day Program

40 Hour Program Including Bonus Online Learning Material


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Course Information

This course is open to all registered Osteopaths, there are no pre-requisites.


This program has been developed from the original 5-day, 40hr program. We are excited to deliver a 3-day face-to-face course supported by additional pre- and post-course online learning activities. There will be short keynote lectures spaced between practical sessions, which will focus on practical, hands on technique and developing your palpation. The 4:1 student to tutor ratio enhances the opportunity to obtain the most from these practical sessions, this means one tutor to two pairs of students.


Learning Outcomes

  • Develop an understanding of the 5 phenomena of the Primary Respiratory Mechanism (PRM).
  • Review the anatomy and physiology of the cranial bones and sacrum and their relationships to other anatomical structures.
  • Further develop your approach to palpation of the body.
  • Discuss the clinical application of the course content with tutors during table sessions.
  • Identify and reflect on personal goals or desired learning outcomes of each participant for the course.




KEY TOPICS - Lectures and Practical Sessions



DAY ONE Saturday 16th June


8:15am start Osteopathy: Concepts and History, Introduction to the PRM. Support with web resources
  Development of the PRM: Anatomy and Physiologic Function of the CNS and CSF
  Practitioner reflection: Strengths, weaknesses, course goals, reflection
  Palpatory Sensing Sessions
  Cranial Base & Cranial Vault: Anatomy and Physiologic Function & Prac
  Cranial Vault and Base: Guided Bone Demonstration
  Palpation of Cranial Base: Anatomy and Physiologic Function
  Temporal Bone: Anatomy and Physiologic Function & Prac
  Reciprocal Tension Membrane: Anatomy and Physiologic Function & Prac
  Discussion in Tutor Groups- reflect on goals & the day
6:00pm Finish ADJOURN


DAY TWO Sunday 17 June 2018


 8:15am start Reflection on previous day / announcements
  Patterns of the Cranial Base: Theory & Prac (discussion, palpation & clinical application) 
  Sacrum: Anatomy and Physiologic Function: Theory & Prac 
  Palpatory Sensing Session: Correlating SBS and Sacrum 
  The face – introduction inc embryology & anatomy 
   Facial bones – bone workshop

The face: correlating the viscerocranium with the cranial base and vault.

Palpation of the face
   Mandible – anatomy and function & Prac session

Principles, theories and methods underpinning diagnosis and treatment.

Support by online plus literature  
  Tutor Groups - review day’s learning and questions
5:00pm Finish ADJOURN


DAY THREE Monday 18 June 2018


8:15am start Reflection on previous day / announcements
  Cranial-Cervical Junction: Diagnosis and theory
  Cranial Base: Treatment of the SBS using BMT
  Sacrum: Diagnosis and Treatment
  Management of the Cerebrospinal Fluid Fluctuation Theory & Prac
  Cranial Vault: Diagnosis and Treatment & Prac
  Temporal Bones: Diagnosis and Treatment
  Transition to clinic – practice and integration
  Final questions, end of course check up
5:30pm Finish ADJOURN




Course Fees


Early Bird Registration $1,950.00 (paid on or prior to April 30 2018)

Standard Registration $2,095.00 (paid after April 30 2018)



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